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Known Issues - License Configuration Tool - Proxy

Fails to Revalidate License - PROXY


INSITE throws error when revalidating or the "Update Licenses" has been pressed

Affected Tools: INSITE 8.0.X / LCT 1.X


It has been found that when the computers proxy is not setup correctly, License Configuration Tool will generate an error when trying to "Update License" or revalidate licenses.

How to Fix

Modify the proxy Settings in IE to use one of the 2 methods to set the proxy. Dynamic or Static Proxy

Dynamic - The "Use Automatic configuration Script" uses a predefined file to apply firewall settings and exceptions to machines.

Static - The "Proxy Server" section is where you set the proxy manually based off your companies required proxy settings

When configuring this dialog you should use one or the other but not both. LCT uses this information to know how to navigate the proxy and get to the Cummins Servers for registration and activation. Please contact your local IT department to know how to properly setup this dialog and resolve the issue.

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CAUSE #1 - It has been seen in some cases that the services listed below can cause the stated problems.


To correct these problems you need to open the Services window with Admin rights on the PC.

1. This can be done by right clicking on the task bar and select Task Manager.

2. In Task Manager Select the Services Tab

3. Select Open Services at the bottom of the screen. If your local policies allow this, a window will open that looks like the picture below.

4. Check the services listed below and stop any of the services by right-clicking on the service, then (left) clicking “Stop.”

"HP Support Solutions Framework Service" - only some versions affected
"Garmin Core Update Service" - fixed in newer versions but out of box is broke
"WBE Service" - used by a couple dell laptops in conjunction with a wireless docking station
"Intel(R) Security Assist" Service - I saw on a couple of Win10 laptops early 2016.
"Baraccuda WSA Service" - Web Security Agent. Probably would upset a customer if you disabled this.
"DropboxOEM.exe" - A variant of Dropbox for inclusion in store-bought PC's. Only noticed on Win10 so far. This one is unique, because it is the first I've found that is not a windows service, to the best I can tell.
"MTC Service" - Installed on some Getac brand PC's.

MTS System Control Service *NEW*

5. Now open LCT and see if it functions normally.,


CAUSE #2 – LCT Model Log files have invalid date

1.     Navigate to the following folder location: C:\ProgramData\Cummins_Inc\LCT\model_logs

2.     If any files with an invalid date are found (see highlighted entry above), please delete the appropriate files.

3.     Try launching LCT again to see if issue is resolved or not.

4.     If you still have any issues, at this point it would be recommended to contact Electronic Tools Help Desk to assist further.

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LCT Can't Reach the Server to Activate or Revalidate

Please read attachment on how to address SSL Filtering issues that can impact LCT

SSL Filtering and LCT Size: 153Kb


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