Cummins INLINE 4 and INLINE 5 - Software Upgrade Announcement

Executive Overview:

An updated INLINE 5 driver and firmware are available and can be downloaded from the INLINE website. strongly recommend that all INLINE 5 users download and install the new software to get the maximum benefit from the INLINE 5 Adapter functionality.

Please click on the following link to download the new driver including the install procedure.

New Version Numbers:

INLINE 5 Windows Driver V5.4.0.9. It is recommended, after installing the driver, to reflash the INLINE 5 adapter to the 5.32 Firmware Versions.

Note: Administrative rights are required to associate the INLINE 5 USB driver after the reflash.

Release Features:

Support of INLINE 5 adapter Reflash through USB port:

  • Reflash of the INLINE 5 adapter can be done via USB if the adapter has firmware v5.30 and higher.

  • Note: If the firmware in the adapter is lower than v5.30, the Reflash will need to be performed via Serial port

Driver-Firmware miss-match notification:

  • When a connection is attempted the user is notified if the adapter firmware does not match the current driver and requires the adapter to be reflashed.

Simple connection test:

  • This simple connection test will allow the user to diagnose a connectivity issue. The user will be able to identify whether it is a PC configuration/hardware issue or a software driver issue.

Reflash notification for the INLINE 5 adapter:

  • A notification has been added to the software that will inform the user to Reflash the adapter after the INLINE 5 driver has been installed

Adapter Part Numbers:
  • INLINE 5 P/N 3165033
  • INLINE 5 USB Kit P/N 4918416


Technical Support Contact:


Marketing Support Contact:

Yasir Bhatty
Product Manager