Cummins Fault Viewer Announcement

We are pleased to announce that a new tool is available for Cummins employees, factory engineers, and distributors. Fault Viewer ensures faster service and turnaround times while identifying and clearing fault codes for the complete system not just the Cummins engine

The Cummins Fault Viewer is designed to identify the electronic components on the J1939 and/or the J1708 communication network of a machine. Not only will it detect the machine's devices, such as the engine, brakes, and transmission but it will also detect, display, and reset the faults from all devices. This is accomplished by using the publicly provided information for each device.

The Pre-requisites needed to install and use Cummins Fault Viewer are as follows: 

  • A licensed Cummins Inc. software tool installed (Either Calterm or INSITE Pro)
  • The licensed Cummins Inc. software tool must have a current subscription and should be in use within the last 90 days.
  • The minimum INSITE version supported is 7.0 or Calterm III v3.0.5 Kilimanjaro (first version which supports the necessary licensing for Fault Viewer), however, we recommend using the latest version of Calterm III v3.1.0 Centaur.
  • Microsoft .Net 2.0, or higher, framework.
  • RP1210a compliant datalink adapter (DLA).

Please click on the following link for the recommended PC hardware prior to installing Fault Viewer:

Some of the common tasks that can be achieved with the Cummins Fault Viewer are as follows:

  • Reading Fault Data from all the devices connected to the communication network (J1939/J1708)
  • Resetting Inactive Faults
  • Saving Fault Data
  • Printing Fault Data

The Cummins Fault Viewer will be a valuable asset to our distributors in providing continued superior service to our end customers. The Fault Viewer is free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the Cummins Software Shelf.

Please visit the Cummins Software Shelf to download this support tool.