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INSITE 7.X is Retiring! - July 1st 2015

This is a reminder that INSITE 7.X is officially being retired July 1st 2015. No further licensing or counts will be able to be purchased for INSITE 7.x and support will be fully dropped. Please work toward updating to at least Windows 7 and INSITE 8.0.3 for continued support. 

Thank you

Electronic Service Tool Support Team


Semiannual Customer Feedback Survey

This survey is intended to drive improvements to the tools that are supported by the Cummins Inc. Electronic Service Tools group. If you are currently experiencing issues
and would like assistance from one of our customer support team, please go to https://insite.cummins.com/insite/contact/ . There you will find the contact information for
all of our support centers worldwide.

As part of a continuous improvement effort to Cummins Electronic Service Tools, we need your feedback.
Please take a few minutes of your time to answer the following questions.

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Important Message about INSITE 8.0.0 and Licensing Issues

Greetings INSITE Users,

We would like to get the message out that user of INSITE 8.0.X need to make sure they are on the latest versions of the tools to help reduce, prevent, and fix the occuring of -3009 and other licensing related errors. Please check and make sure your versions are at least: 

INSITE: 8.0.3 Build 142

License Configuration Tool: 

Tool Licensing Service: 

Update Manager:

All these applications can be updated via Update Manager or through downloads found throughout this website below. Additionally, If you have different issues for this tool or others, be sure and check the Current Known Issues listed below each tool below. Several manual or work around fixes can be applied fairly quickly to get you back up and going.

Thank you

Electronic Service Tools Support

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 Interested in Field Testing?

Cummins Electronic Service Tools is looking for Electronic Service Tool users to help test newer versions of our tools. If your interests include supporting the Field Test effort CLICK HERE and let us know! You must have an Active INSITE Subscription to be part of Field Test. 


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