EDS (Expert Diagnostic System)

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Expert Diagnostic System Survey!

The EDS Program has created a feedback Survey in order to improve the EDS tool. For the EDS Customer Satisfaction Survey please Click Here.

Monthly Dealer Conference Calls

On the 2nd (at 4:00 p.m.  EST.) and 4th (at 11:00 a.m. EST.) Tuesday of each month, the EDS Team will be holding Conference Calls with North American Dealers.
During these calls, Dealers are encouraged to ask any questions concerning EDS or related processes (e.g., SRTs/Warranty, Escalation, Diagnostics on Engines, etc.).
If you have particular Diagnostic sessions you would like the EDS Team to review, you will need to submit the DSIDs to us in advance of each call.
Do contact your Distributor for information on how to attend any of these conference calls.

Expert Diagnostic System Usage Contest!

Each week, the EDS Program will be choosing 10 winners of the EDS usage Contest. Examples of selection criteria may include: Most Diagnostic Session IDs (DSIDs), most Report a Problems/Tickets driving diagnostic effectiveness improvements, Number of DSID closures, Putting DSIDs onto Claims, etc. The EDS team reserves the right to select a winner based on multiple selection Criteria.

Winners will be awarded a $50 electronic gift card that can be used to purchase products at the Cummins Store. Winners will be notified each week via email. Please allow about 30 days for receipt of the electronic gift card.

We appreciate EDS users using the EDS to diagnose Cummins engines on your service events.

DISTRIBUTOR WINNERS (4/6/2014 -4/12/2014)

1) Jorge Ramirez (Npower, Hodgkins, Illinois) - Top Producer of "Report a Problem" Feedback

2) Robert Bangel (Crosspoint, Indianapolis, Indiana) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

3) Jody Gucwa (Bridgeway, New Hudson, Michigan) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

4) Carl Niefergold (Northeast, Buffalo, New York) - Top Number of DSIDs (Industrial/HHP)

5) Lachlan Garwood (Leeton, New South Wales, Australia) - Top Number of DSIDs (Solo)

DEALER WINNERS (4/6/2014 - 4/12/2014)

1) Benoit Leduc (Camions Excellence Peterbilt, Quebec, Canada) - Top Producer of "Report a Problem" Feedback

2) Joseph Book (Selec Transportation Resources, Houston, Texas) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

3) Jason minifie (Peterbilt Pacific, Kamloops, Canada) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

4) Richard Anderson (Kenworth Sales, West Valley City, Utah) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

5) Mike Bruemmer (Kenworth, Richfield, Ohio) - Top Number of DSIDs (Automotive)

Expert Diagnostic System

Cummins Service has introduced the Expert Diagnostic System (EDS), an innovative engine diagnostic tool that uses historical trends and advises, in the simplest terms, the most likely steps needed to resolve engine problems. This helps your technician get to the problem quickly.

Service technicians will use EDS to troubleshoot Cummins engines regardless of warranty status and both inside your shop and out in the field. The Service technicians enter the required data into EDS and answer some questions and then EDS will recommend to the technician the most likely solution to repair. The result is the engine is fixed right the first time for the customer and your shop sees an improvement in technician efficiency, saving you time and money.

EDS is the "Next Generation" troubleshooting system and continually learns from any repair made. Each service event will be tracked using a Diagnostic Session Identification (DSID). DSIDs will track all service history for given Engine Serial Numbers (ESNs). Regardless of overall experience, this learning can help any technician become a better Cummins Diagnostics expert.

EDS has a proven track record in reducing the number of troubleshooting steps by 40-50%. Those using this tool get to root cause of engine issues on average in less than 3 diagnostic steps. This helps shorten repair time and get the vehicle out the door faster increasing productivity and the amount of service repairs your technician can complete.

EDS Strategic Goals
Provide expert guidance of the service events at global Distributor and Dealers for all Cummins products
 Rapidly share latest service experience across the globe to resolve complex product issues
 Enable all levels of service providers to support Cummins products in a consistent manner
 Reduce average diagnostic steps by 40%-50% (improve customer up-time)
 Increase quality of repair (improve "Fixed Right First Time")
EDS Benefits
 Increased Distributor/Dealer productivity - more work orders with existing resources via reductions in diagnostic steps
 Technician productivity - less searching for information
 Improved "Troubleshooting Tree" adherence/warranty claims processing
 Make everyone globally the best in diagnostics - reduce variation
 Improved technician support/escalation process
 Service history available for all prior EDS diagnostic events

Training for the Expert Diagnostic System is provided electronically through the EDS Online Training. This training covers the access, use, and management of the Expert Diagnostic System for diagnostic/repair service events. All Cummins technicians, dealer warranty staff and service staff are required to complete on-line training, which takes less than 2 hours. In order to access the training, please select the EDS Online Training link above.

Dealer Testimonials

Testimonials from some of our Dealer users are listed Here.