Digital Multimeter Kit   

Look for the new Digital Multimeter Kit that includes the Premium Digital Multimeter (PN 3164489), Pressure Adapter (PN 3164491), and the popular Immersion Probe (PN 3164492). This autoranging digital multimeter includes the functions of frequency, capacitance and temperature with a built-in temperature module. Also included are these automotive systems functions: RPM, Dwell, Duty Cycle and Pulse Width. The Meter comes complete with test leads, protective boot, inductive pick-up, and bead-type temperature probe. The Pressure Adapter measures up to 500 psi, or Vacuum to -29 inHg. The Immersion Probe can measure between -58 and 500 degrees F. All these are neatly packaged in a nylon carrying case. Contact your local Cummins distributor for further information and pricing for this kit. Reference part number 3400162 .

Posted: 03/27/06

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