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Marine Component Software Download Tool

This device can be used with Cummins Marine Controls to reflash a component when needed.  For complete details and component software download process, refer to QuickServe Online Procedure 326-015-074.

 The Component Software Download Tool Kit part number 5299795 is required.


What is it?

The Component Software Download Tool Kit (part number 5299795) is used to download software into the lever control stations (2 and 4 button), inboard joystick, throttle control processor modules (EEC3 and EEC4), and the thruster interface module used on Cummins Marine applications.

 In order to load new software in the component software download tool (ICP2-Portable Programmer), it is necessary to install the In-Circuit Programmer (ICP) Application and USB driver in a Windows PC. 


Note:  For Cummins employees and distributors, request all software downloads from the Cummins Software Shelf, keyword search ‘ICP'.


In-Circuit Programmer (ICP) Application and USB Driver Size: 19.4 Mb

1. Click on the link

2. On the file Download window:

a. Click Open to extract the program to a location on the computer.

b. Click Save and choose the file location to be extracted at a later time.

3. Double click on the extracted file to start the installation

Note:  Administrative rights are needed to complete the installation 


Installation Guide

See the detailed Installation instructions for step by step instructions.

Installation Guide  Size: 791 KB

Documents available on QuickServe Online

Master Repair Manual Bulletin 4358378

Service Tools 326-022-001 Section 15

Component Software Download Tool 326-015-074

Component Software Management 326-015-075

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