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INSITE 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 - Issues calibrating CELECT and CELECT PLUS engines with INSITE.  

Currently, there is an issue with recent releases of INSITE when attempting to calibrate a CELECT or CELECT PLUS ECM. If either INSITE version 8.2.0. or 8.2.1. is used in an attempt to calibrate a CELECT ECM, it can cause certain vital aspects of the ECM's firmware to be removed. This results in the calibration appearing to proceed to completion, only for the ECM to appear as ROM-booted almost immediately afterward. The only fix for this issue at this time is to rollback INSITE to version 8.1.4. and use that version to calibrate CELECT and CELECT PLUS ECM's. INSITE version 8.1.4. is still compatible with the newer calibrations and the new INSITE CSS system.


INSITE - SPECIAL NOTICE Related to the WORM:Win32/Bluber.A false positive scare from Friday March 31st 2017.

 After working with Cummins Cybersecurity, we have some updated information with regards to INSITE and the 1706 / white-page-displayed-when-selecting-Calibrations issue.

News release from Microsoft on this topic:

We have been able to successfully restore full functionality to INSITE without the need for an uninstall / reinstall, provided that the Microsoft anti-virus program still has the “infected” files still showing in the Quarantine folder. The Quarantine folder is displayed on the HISTORY tab in the Microsoft anti-virus program.

For external customers using a Microsoft anti-virus product:

1.       Make sure INSITE is closed.

2.       Open the Microsoft anti-virus program.

3.       Go to the Update tab and update the virus definitions.

4.       Once the update is complete, go to the History tab and select the supposedly infected files listed as “win/BluberA.worm” or “win/BluberA.exe”. Click the “restore” button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a warning which you can ignore. If the customer’s account does not have Administration rights, the services of their IT dept may need to be engaged.

5.       INSITE will now work.

If the files that have been flagged as infected have been deleted from Quarantine, there is no other option but to reinstall INSITE. Feel free to reach out to once you have downloaded the install package and we will help restore your INSITE if the files are gone and a new install is required.

INSITE - Seeing Error 10000 when launching INSITE? Contact us via Live Chat and we can fix that error fairly quickly with a remote session. Our Development team is working on a application side fix for this issue but in the mean time we have a work around we can apply to get you up and running.

INSITE - Calibration transfers/downloads failing on older modules with INLINE 7 and J1939? Try this fix

INSITE - Having problems with INSITE Freezing or being extremely slow during loading the splash screen? Are your printer drivers up to date? There have been numerous calls about INSITE freezing and its' been caused by outdated drivers. Please go to your respective printer manufacturer to download the latest drivers for your device.

ALL - Make sure you're only downloading Genuine Cummins install files and Data Packs files from or through Cummins Update Manager. Some malicious sites have made copies of Cummins Data packs and put malicious software in with the packages to infect customer’s PCs with viruses and malware. Please make sure you’re only downloading from or using Update Manager. See an example of a malicious site below:

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INSITE - Other Common INSITE Errors: 10003, 3012, 49000, 50004

UPDATE MANAGER and LCT - Update Manager (6.1 and Greater) and LCT (LCT version 1.7 and Greater) throws certification error "Some files may be missing from the application or corrupted.". Download and run this app to clear this certification error mostly seen in Windows 7.

UPDATE MANAGER - Update Manager Errors 1000/1920, 3010