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Cummins Guidanz™

Guidanz™ is Cummins' new suite of genuine service products, features and capabilities. Visit to register for the service, and explore other related products.

The Cummins Guidanz mobile app helps you speed up repair process and improve customer uptime. Among the features are:

  • Equipment and device dataplate information
  • Prioritized Cummins fault codes, and descriptions
  • The ability to share any information in the app via email
  • Route Parameter Manager diagnosis, repair and update functionality


Users who subscribe to the Cummins Guidanz™ Immediate Assessment service also get:

  • Prioritized faults, and the top three most likely root causes
  • Estimated service times
  • A history of recently retrieved information, faults, and analysis right on your phone


Get the Application

Download the Cummins Guidanz™ mobile app for your Android phone or tablet, iPad or iPhone. Guidanz mobile app is available only for download in US, Canada, Australia and EU (EU member countries only).


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Make sure your phone or tablet is regularly connected to the Internet to make sure you get updates and improvements. Cummins Guidanz™ is working to provide you a simple, user-friendly, guided workflow. In future releases you will be able to seamlessly share critical information about servicing Cummins engines and related equipment across multiple platforms, and with your whole service team.

Get the User Guide 

Guidanz User Guide Size: 554 Kb (Click to open in the browser or right click and choose "Save As..." to save the guide for offline viewing)

Notes and Additional Support

Some features will require a functioning Internet connection at the time of service.


Datalink Adapter Information for Guidanz™

To use Guidanz™ you will need one of the new Cummins wireless datalink adapters. 


INLINE™ 7 is a complete kit, with 9, 6 and 3 pin cables to connect to equipment. It supports USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth so works on INSITE as well as Cummins Guidanz™


INLINE™ mini is an inexpensive, palm-sized, Bluetooth adapter with no need for additional cables, designed especially for Guidanz™


For more information, or to purchase Cummins datalink adapters, visit


At this time, Cummins officially sells the wireless datalink adapters and supports the use of Guidanz™ in the following locations:

Certification by Region

United States
European Union


Certifications for the INLINE mini

Part Number: 529990900

  • Wireless Certifications: FCC (US), IC (Canada), CE (European Union), Australia EMC Certifications: EN 301 489-1:V1.9.2 (2011-09), EN 301 489-17:V2.2.1 (2012-09)
  • Safety Certifications: EN 60950-1:2006 (2nd Ed.) + Am 1:2010 + Am 2:2013

Certifications for the INLINE 7

Part Number: 965062

  • Wireless Certifications: FCC (US), IC (Canada), CE (European Union)


Cummins Guidanz™ replaces the Cummins Adept Support application. For details on using Guidanz to repair and maintain Route Parameter Manager modules, visit the ADEPT support page.  


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