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License Configuration Tool (LCT)

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Expert Diagnostic System (EDS)


Hot Topics for the Current Software Versions

  1. URGENT! Make sure you're only downloading Cummins install files and Data Packs files from or through Cummins Update Manager. Some malicious sites have made copies of Cummins Datapacks and put malicious software in with the packages to infect customers PC's with viruses and malware. Please make sure  your only downloading from or using Update Manager. See example of a malicious site below:

    • Click to Enlarge

  2. INSITE 8.2.0 has download issues with Celect and Celect Plus ECM's. Please upgrade to 8.1.2 Field Test or you can roll back to INSITE 8.1.4 if you need to perform downloads to these modules. To upgrade to 8.2.1 Field Test save this file to "C:\ProgramData\Cummins_Inc\" and run Update Manager

  3. INSITE 8.2.0 has a problem with J1708 communications "Error 10431" when creating work orders. Problem is not seen when using J1939. This issue will be fixed in 8.2.1 release. Please Upgrade to INSITE 8.2.1 (To upgrade to 8.2.1 Field Test save this file to "C:\ProgramData\Cummins_Inc\" and run Update Manager) or roll back to INSITE 8.1.4 if you need to perform work order creation for affected modules. 480 C-E,  B5.9 Gas, C Gas Plus / B Gas Plus, CELECT, CELECT Plus, CELECT Plus Ind, CENTINEL, CENTRY,  ISB, ISBe/ISBe4 4 & 6 Cylinder, ISC/ISL, ISM, L Gas Plus, L10G/C8.3G, PIM, QSB, QSC8.3/QSL9,  QSK19/23-CM500, QSK19/45/60/78,     QSK19G/45G/60G QSV81/91, QSM11, QSX15

  4. INSITE 8.2.0 throws 50005 error when launched. Completely uninstall INSITE and the Datapack and Reinstall. This should clear this error.

  5. Other Common INSITE Errors: 10003, 3012, 49000, 50004

  6. Update Manager (6.1 and Greater) and LCT (LCT version 1.7 and Greater) throws certification error "Some files may be missing from the application or corrupted.". Download and run this app to clear this certification error mostly seen in Windows 7.

  7. Update Manager Errors 1000/1920, 3010

Important Information to Record

Did you know there is important information that you should record just in case your hard drive crashes? You should record the following so we can help recover your licenses:

  • Tool Instance of the machine

  • Order Number of the licenses from the distributor

  • Copy of the Keys entered at the time of activation (Or if you transfer the keys to a different machine record those also)

  • QSOL ID the licenses are stored under (Did you know you could have your licenses placed under a free QSOL ID so you can easily find your licenses down the road? When you purchase your licenses, have the distributor put them under your own specific QSOL ID.)

Has your Hard drive crashed or PC been stolen? Fill out this form (Word Docx Format) or Fill out this Form (PDF Form) and email it to Service Tool Support to have your keys recovered.

Thank you,

Cummins Care - Electronic Service Tool Support


 Interested in Field Testing?

Cummins Electronic Service Tools is looking for Electronic Service Tool users to help test newer versions of our tools. If your interests include supporting the Field Test effort CLICK HERE and let us know! You must have an Active INSITE Subscription to be part of Field Test.


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Update Manager






License Configuration Tool 2.0


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