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The EDS Team would like to announce that the EDS Report a Problem Technician Feedback response file is now available in the ‘Hot Topics’ section of EDS. To access this file open EDS, click on the solution search icon next to the home icon and select the top solution, ‘EDS Report a Problem Results.’ Please note that you do not need to be in a Diagnostic Session to access this solution.

Cummins Expert Diagnostic System

The key to improving efficiency in your service operation is a fast, accurate diagnosis. Cummins Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) helps you achieve both goals through the use of a global database with next-generation troubleshooting, and a data-entry system that cuts down on redundancy.

The Technician’s Guide To Better Service

Cummins EDS helps reduce the number of unnecessary steps in the troubleshooting process. It takes repair information from around the world, compiles it into a database and creates “smarter” troubleshooting trees that can reduce the number of diagnostic steps by up to 50 percent. Starting with the most likely solution, technicians using EDS have access to a more efficient repair process.

When multiple fault codes are indicated, EDS includes a link to the Fault Code Analyzer (FCA) that can help technicians find the root cause faster. The FCA will automatically put the fault codes and repair procedures into sequence, starting with the most probable cause. In fact, EDS can usually locate the root cause of an engine issue in as few as three diagnostic steps.

Imagine that a technician in a remote location is looking at a problem with an ISX15 in a Class 8 truck. How valuable would it be to have the troubleshooting information from all other similar pieces of equipment operating globally? Cummins EDS gives every technician access to that knowledge base. EDS also provides a complete repair history of all the diagnostic procedures that have been performed on a particular engine. The potential benefits for everyone include:

  • Faster, more accurate diagnosis
  • Reduced downtime for customers

Real-World Results

Cummins EDS provides technicians with a versatile diagnostic tool that adapts to meet their needs out in the real-world. According to Mike Brinker, Director of North American Industrial Sales, “EDS has dramatically changed how technicians do service work in and has significantly reduced equipment downtime, sometimes by up to 50%.” In addition to improving diagnostic and repair efficiency for Cummins older electronic off-highway engines, EDS is also compatible with Cummins latest Tier 4 Final/Stage IV certified engines. These new standards provided Cummins with an opportunity for technical innovation and Cummins EDS enables technicians to become familiar with the latest technology and repair processes quickly, easily and efficiently.

EDS will provide a huge help to our technicians," said a service manager at a Cummins Western Canada branch.  "EDS quickly gets you down to the few most likely repairs that may be causing the problem.  In addition, EDS directs you to specific service information needed for the job and you don't have to go hunting for it, greatly improving technician productivity.”

After just seven months of using EDS, a truck dealer from Yakima, Washington, reported, “Calls to RAPIDSERVE are down to almost none, greatly improving tech productivity. Having direct links to specific procedures in QuickServe® Online during the EDS session has saved us from improper repairs or warranty charge-backs. A dealer in Nashville, Tennessee, noted, “EDS helps less-experienced techs make accurate repairs by helping them identify the failure on not only faults, but symptoms. In some cases, the truck is repaired in half the normal troubleshooting time. That makes for happier customers, as well as improving work flow in the shop.”

Easy To Learn. Easy To Use

An EDS training package is available online at quickserve.cummins.com. Under My Applications, click on Expert Diagnostic System (EDS). Once on the EDS homepage, click on the EDS Online Training link. You will see training courses explaining key features and benefits and how to use EDS, whether you’re a technician on the shop floor, a warranty administrator or a service manager. In addition to a user guide, there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. Contact your Cummins distributor or click the Contact link at the top right of the EDS page for a list of help numbers based on location.

Every Question Answered

For more information about EDS, visit the EDS home page at https://quickserve.cummins.com or contact your local Cummins distributor.





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