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New to INSITE and not sure where to start or what to install? Follow these details instructions on what to download and how to install them.

This document has links to the software to download and the order in which to install them.

Please note: These instructions are the same for any version of INSITE 8.X and greater. The screenshots are just examples of the software used to build these instructions.

If INSITE is already installed on your computer:  Where to Start Instructions Size: 3 Mb

If INSITE is a new installation:  Where to Start Instructions Size: 5 Mb

INSITE™ Software Download (Windows 7, Windows 8.X, Windows 10)

INSITE 8.3.0 DVD Creation ISO

Latest DVD IMAGE File 
INSITE8.3.0.ISO (Size 2.6GB)

Release Notes

This file can be downloaded to create a copy of the INSITE. DVD and requires DVD creator software or a utility that supports .iso images

1. Click on the link above.

2. On the next File Download window that appears, click Save and choose a location to save the download to.

3. At this point you can either burn the ISO to a DVD with Windows 7/8 or some other ISO burning software. (Roxio, Burn-it, etc.)

Note: If you are running Windows 8 or greater you can Mount the ISO as a virtual DVD player by right clicking on the file and choosing "Mount" or "Open With.." and choosing "Windows Explorer"

(How to Create DVD from ISO Instructions)

This image Contains:

  • INSITE™ 8.3.0
  • DESA 1.7
  • Fault Viewer
  • INSITE™ for Cense  (To download INSITE for Cense only click here)
  • Cummins Inc. Update Manager
  • Cummins Communication Validation Tool
  • Cummins Online Chat Support Application
  • Misc. Related Documents and Training


Production INSITE Zip File   INSITE8.3.0.ZIP (Size 1.8 GB)

Release Notes

- Once Extracted into C:\Temp this Requires Administrative Rights to install. Right Click on BAT File and Choose Run as Admin


- To Install Via Update Manager , Once Extracted into C:\Temp choose Source > Browse and select the folder where you extracted the Update Manager

Installation Instructions for ZIP File Installations

Installation Instructions Size: 1.3 Mb

This image Contains:

INSITE™ 8.3.0

Cummins Update Manager 6.2

License Configuration Tool 1.10.2

INSITE Guidanz Service


Installation Instructional Video for the batch file install.



Installation Instructional Video for Upgrading INSITE with Cummins Update Manager


INSITE for Cense (RS-232)
Size: 31 Mbytes

Install package not compatible with Update Manager. Requires Manual install. Instructions included in the zip.

 This Tool will only function on Windows 7 32bit or prior. Please follow the instructions provided to install this properly. This tool also requires INSITE 8.X to perform calibration downloads to the CENSE RS-232 modules.