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Planned Obsolescence of INSITE Versions

Starting on April 3 2017, a message like this may appear when launching INSITE:

The dialog above is part of a Planned Obsolescence for certain versions of INSITE that will be retired from production. Once a version of INSITE has been obsoleted, it will no longer launch, and INSITE will need to be updated via the Cummins Update Manager to a newer version to restore function.

The obsolescence strategy is summarized below for convenience:
INSITE Version Reason Obsolescence Date
INSITE 8.1.3 and older Versions older than INSITE 8.1.4 are not supported anymore because of security updates. For more information, reference TSB160067. (Following Link required QSOL Access)

NOTE: Due to a known issue, INSITE 8.0.3 will remain active and not be obsoleted at this time. For more information, reference TSB170032. (Following Link required QSOL Access)
May 30th 2017
INSITE 8.2.0 There is a known calibration issue that may present itself when a calibration download is performed with INSITE 8.2.0. For more information, reference TSB170035. (Following Link required QSOL Access) April 20th 2017

Keeping your INSITE Software up to date will help to avoid any interruption of tool functionality. It is recommended that INSITE is updated with Cummins Update Manager to the latest version before the obsolete date and on a regular basis after that.

For questions, please contact the 1-800-Cummins or email

Important Information to Record for your INSITE Licenses

Did you know there is important information that you should record just in case your hard drive crashes? You should record the following so we can help recover your licenses:

  • Tool Instance of the machine

  • Order Number of the licenses from the distributor

  • Copy of the Keys entered at the time of activation (Or if you transfer the keys to a different machine record those also)

  • QSOL ID the licenses are stored under (Did you know you could have your licenses placed under a free QSOL ID so you can easily find your licenses down the road? When you purchase your licenses, have the distributor put them under your own specific QSOL ID.)

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